marketing pr
rbb has decades of experience with lead-generating PR. We know how to reach the audiences that are important to you and keep their interest. The integrated programs we develop help our clients establish - and maintain - marketplace leadership in rapidly changing environments.

PR Can Deliver Bottom Line Results: When it comes to marketing PR, it's all about measuring the sales. rbb's collaborative approach means we understand how to blend the role of PR, marketing, direct mail and advertising to create integrated programs that make one and one equal three. Results are measured in leads generated, sales made and customer engagement.

Making the Numbers Work: rbb accelerates its learning of new clients and adds value to current clients' marketing programs through research. Understanding what media, customers and employees think about your organization is crucial to creating messages that work. Knowing the media landscape helps benchmark, set and measure goals. Staying on top of your industry means we can turn on a dime and change as needed to ensure the best results.

Marketing PR Arsenal

  • Promotions
  • Event marketing, product launches
  • Hispanic marketing
  • Competitive intelligence/research
  • Guerilla marketing/street teams
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