digital park
How we play
We are marketing in a new world, a fast and ever-changing landscape where the lines between real and virtual marketplaces are now blurred. A brand is no longer solely defined by its owner, but also includes the sum of all conversations taking place among its customers, in dialogues which are largely taking place online. It's time to listen, respond and take part in the conversation.
Digital Park is the digital and social media division of rbb Public Relations. It is the sandbox where our bilingual PR pros craft digital campaigns that combine offline and online worlds, building bridges between brands and the online communities that surround them. Our playground offers the creative and strategic thinking that we bring to traditional PR efforts, creating social and interactive programs that deliver results. Whether or not you play in the consumer, corporate or B2B realm, an online media strategy is a must have. Already got a Facebook page and a Twitter account? Up your game with Digital Park.  
Where we play
  • Online Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Audit   
  • Social Media Engagement and Reporting
  • Infographics, Branded Content and Digital Creative
  • Website, Application, and Mobile Development


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