corporate communications
rbb's strategic counselors become intimately familiar with your organization and brand. This familiarity ensures rbb delivers uniform communications, strengthened community ties and engaged employees.

rbb Corporate Communications Arsenal

Identity Branding: Every organization needs a communication blueprint to define and support the brand. Our "brand footprint" process incorporating both operational and marketing elements helps a brand's personality shine.

Crisis Communication: How an emergency is handled is the lynchpin between long-term respect and profitability and a painful slide down and out. rbb draws on its vast experience in helping organizations manage difficult situations to mitigate damage.

Community Relations: How do you know if you're getting value out of your community, civic or trade activities? rbb's EvenTTracker (tm) is the first step in systematizing the process. And, rbb's Activity Impact Score lets you see if non-media efforts really pay off. Let rbb help you manage your community involvement the same way you'd manage an advertising or PR campaign, based on measurable results.

Internal/Employee Communications: Good communication starts at home. Employees have the potential to reinforce or contradict your brand positioning with every conversation to a customer, friend or family member. rbb understands how to bring corporate cultures "alive."

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